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12/23/19 Beware of Car Curbers

Car Curbers and the Problems for Car Buyers


What is Curbing a car?

When someone purchases a vehicle, does not sign the title and the attempts to resell the vehicle to another party. This is commonly referred to as "Curbing". 

 Curbing a car presents multiple problems for both the original seller and the end user/buyer. Whenever you are dealing with a car that has been curbed you most likely will not know the full story. 


 In the event you purchase a car that has been curbed and something goes wrong, you will not be able to hold the seller accountable. Whoever sold you the vehicle will commonly use a fake number for initial contact and you will not be able to reach them again. Most of the time the deal will be too good to be true and issues with the car will almost happen immediately upon purchasing.

How to Spot Someone Curbing a Car

If you are in the used car market you should avoid meeting with anyone at public locations, this is a telltale sign of a car curber. Meeting someone at a train station in the dark to buy a car has bad idea written all over it.

Someone who curbs a car will always have a story about whose car it really is. Time and time again they will refer to the real owner of the vehicle as a friend neighbor or relative that they are helping sell the car. Although this could be a genuine situation, if the seller is a helping a "friend" but meeting you at a public place, there is a 99% chance they are curbing the car.

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