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If you are interested in trading in your vehicle for one in our current inventory please call us. 
How much is my car worth?


Typically this will be the first question you may ask yourself when it comes time to sell your car. But did you know using services like Kelly blue book, True car, or car max are not reliable sources for finding our what your "year make" is worth. The used car auto market is price driven by location, unfortunately companies such as the ones listed above do not take into account your locality.

Are you ready to sell your car? Using our software you will receive the highest cash offer for your vehicle based on locality. Did you know that the price for your vehicle could be higher in your area as apposed to the US average. Our proprietary software prices your used car for sale at the top dollar average for your location.

Finding our your vehicles value


The first step to selling your car is determining what your vehicle is worth. The internet can be a double edge sword for determining the value of your vehicle. The further you look the more you confusing it can become. You may find your car being sold within a few thousand dollar range. These online numbers are tough to use as a reference because they do not tell you what the vehicle actually sells for, just the asking price.  It is important to distinguish between the different types of prices you may find.


 Retail value for your vehicle is typically going to be the highest value you may encounter. Why is that, well dealerships have a laundry list of expenses and overhead. Dealerships are in business to make money so they will sell vehicles at the highest rate possible. A lot of times dealerships source quality vehicles with 2 or less owners and no accidents and provide you with the CarFax for proof. Dealerships are governed by the state DMV so they need to be transparent with clients. Also dealerships can offer financing to clientele that you may not be able to find with private sales. Although the above are all benefits of buying a car from a dealership they do also come at a cost. Which is why retail is typically never a good way to determine what your vehicle is worth.


 For as long as dealerships have been in business this is one of their best weapons. Trading in your vehicle to a dealership is typically a bad idea. A majority of the public tend to fall for this option because of one reason only, convenience. The problem is though that dealerships are going to give you an extremely low offer in the moment while holding your new car purchase in limbo at the same time. Although the offer is extremely low the dealership will typically have to spend some amount of money to get your vehicle worthy of retail sale.  The offer will include the buffer room for repairs and detailing. This though does not benefit the client.



Private party car sales has traditionally been the way most people get rid of their old or unused vehicle. With sites like Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, and Ebay selling a car privately has never been easier, or so you may think. Private car sales comes with a long list of potential issues, most of the time the asking price will fall below retail but above trade in. What most individuals do not realize is the amount of time and money they actually spend attempting to sell their car. When everything is said and done they could end up profiting less than what a dealer would have offered for trade-in.

Trim Options

 You may see see the same model vehicle selling for thousands more than others. The main is reason is the trim package. The options the vehicle comes with from drivetrain to interior to color combo effect the value. Before determining the value of your vehicle you must know what trim package your have. 

Have you checked your vehicles history.

 Information is very easy to obtain in the internet age. With a simple search of your VIN someone can see everything regarding your vehicles life since day one. Have you serviced your vehicle regularly, was it in an accident, how many owners has it had. All that information anyone can now get with companies like Carfax.

Has your vehicle been involved in an accident.

 If the answer is once or twice or more, either way this will put a significant damper or your pricing ability. Even if the car is in excellent shape when it comes times to sell it, you'll find that having an accident in the vehicles history bring your resale value down much lower than anticipated. The more significant the damage, the greater the drop in value.

Did you maintain your vehicle.

 Oil changes are now recorded on the vehicle history report. If you haven't been keeping up with oil changes you may find that your car values will suffer. Bad maintenance of a vehicle is always a red flag for potential buyers. Oil changes are especially important as oil helps decrease the friction that damages the internal engine parts. To make sure you get the most for your vehicle keeping good maintenance records and receipts will always help.

What to consider when attempting to determine your vehicles value
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