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2/05/20 Choosing the Best Used Car to buy

What Used Car is Best for you


When shopping the used car market there are multiple factors you should consider in order to purchase the best used car for your needs. Like most buyers’ price, reliability, and cost of maintenance will determine your choice.

AR Motorsports has spent years in the auto industry working with top brands including Honda, Toyota, Nissan, Lexus, Acura, Chevrolet, and Ford. We apply our industry knowledge to bring Long Island car buyers the most reliable used cars under $10000. Unlike many major auto dealers who typically show clients the best used cars that are the most profitable for the dealer not the actual most affordable used cars. At our Bay Shore location our inventory includes used HondaNissan, and Toyota that are known for reliability and low maintenance costs. We spend thousands of hours a year sourcing the most reliable used cars for our customers and offer competitive pricing. Almost all the used cars in our inventory are price at our below $5000.


AR Motorsports is a local Long Island owned and operated used car dealer, your satisfaction is our goal.

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