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Used Cars with Mileage Rollbacks


What does it mean when a used car has the mileage rolled back?

When someone connects a computer to a used car and reprograms the mileage to show a fewer amount than what the car actually has.

If you are ever in the market for a used car, this is one of the major issues you will have to deal with. With the increase in technology and the internet, rolling back the miles on a car is easier than ever. Many criminals will roll back the miles on a car and then sell it at a very competitive price. At first you may think this is a great price on a used car but in reality you over paid for a high mileage car.

This is why buying a car on the street without checking the vehicle history using Carfax or Autocheck is a bad idea. As a dealer who prides itself on transparency we provide all of our clients with the vehicle history so they see our used cars are the best available in our area.

AR Motorsports inspects all of its used car inventory prior to offering for sale. We test drive and service all of our units using only OEM parts.


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